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Am I Eligible & How Do I Enroll?
You are eligible to enroll into the health & dental insurance immediately upon employment!

To Enroll, click "Make Benefits Election".

How to Find an In-Network Doctor

NMM Operations will pay for 50% of the non-smoker Silver PPO employee rate for health insurance. You will pay for the remainder via "above the line" pre-tax payroll deduction.
What is the Health Insurance?
The health insurance is through Independence Blue Cross (aka Keystone Health Plan East). There are 3 plan options, the PPO Silver, HMO Gold Proactive, and PPO Gold.

The PPO is best for people who do not reside in the Philadelphia area, do not want referrals, or wish to see very specific medical providers.

For the "Proactive" plan, all the local Blue Cross providers are in-network, but they are divided into tiers with some providers charging more based on their tier. Tier 2 & 3 providers are more expensive than Tier 1 providers. This is especially important for high cost items like hospitalization & outpatient surgery.

  • PPO Silver: Doctors, RX, and labwork is covered before the deductible. Everything else is AFTER the deductible.

  • HMO Gold Proactive: Breaks up the network into 3 tiers with the higher tiers having more expensive co-pays. Be sure to check out the HMO Proactive Tiers link for more info.

  • PPO Gold: Lower copays for most procedures and a $2500 deductible that applies to hospitals, outpatient surgeries, and durable medical equipment. Overall, more services are pre-deductible than the PPO silver.

    Provider Search
    Enter Your Insurance Plan Selection:
    HMO Silver Proactive = Keystone HMO Proactive
    PPO Silver & Gold = PPO

    Instructions How to Navigate the Site:
    How to Find an In-Network Doctor
  • What is the Dental Insurance?
    You have the option of enrolling into a group dental plan through Guardian! This is voluntary coverage so you will be paying the full cost of the insurance. Also, there is a 12 month waiting period for “Major” services (also called “Type III” services) so those will not be covered during the first year.

    Please view the benefit summary for more details. If you get 2 cleanings per year and pay out of pocket for them, you should enroll because the insurance will probably cover those cleanings for less than you currently pay... and will provide coverage if you need anything beyond cleanings. Please note “Annual Max” on the benefit summary means the maximum that the dental insurance will pay in one year. Anything beyond $1500 in total cumulative annual costs… the insurance will not cover.
    Helpful Phone Numbers
    Independence Blue Cross: 800-ASK-BLUE
    Future Scripts Prescription Drugs: 888-678-7012
    Health Coaching: 800-313-8628
    Mental Health / Substance Abuse Hotline: 800-688-1911
    Diversified Human Solutions: 267-948-7290

    Benefit Summaries / Prices