Spokane Workers Cooperative

Spokane Workers Coop Benefits - Effective 10/1/23

Why am I Here?

Spokane Workers Cooperative has a benefits program! Health, dental, vision, accident, & disability insurance are available to full time employees. Please review this website then click "Make Benefits Election" to either choose a plan or waive coverage for the year. If you have questions, click "Schedule a Benefits Discussion" to ask specific questions.

You also pay for these benefits pre-tax, which is a 20-50% savings! Pre-Tax Deductions

We curated 2 health insurance options that will be available thru Kaiser Permanente

The dental, vision, disability, and accident insurance are through the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives Plan combining many employers to get a better deal! They're excellent coverages that most individuals and smaller companies can't get.

Helpful Numbers

Benefits Company: Diversified Human Solutions - 267-948-7290
Kaiser Permanente: 800-297-6877
Delta Dental of WA: 800-554-1907
Colonial Disability & Accident Insurance: 800-325-4368
Kaiser Wellness Coaching: 866-862-4295